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db legends download for Android from Mediafire is one of the exciting things that many people want to do, as dbz legends games are among the wonderful game series that have been released in the world of technology, and the series falls under adventure and action games and in its content is a simulation of the famous cartoon movie dragon ball legends. Action and adventure.

From today, after downloading all versions of the dragon ball legends game within the famous series on our platform, you are responsible for protecting planet Earth from the danger of evil beings attacking it. There is no one on planet Earth who can confront these ferocious beings except you. You are playing the role of a fighting hero who has supernatural abilities. Equivalent to the power of the beings he encounters.

db legends download
db legends download - dragon ball legends - dbz legends

db legends download

They are exciting adventure games taken from the cartoon movie db legends download, and they were released and developed by Bandi Namco Entertainment. The first version of them officially appeared in electronic stores in 2011, and this version achieved very great success, which led the developer company to launch More advanced versions.

In the beginning and in the first versions of the series, the game was only available on the arcade as well as on PlayStation devices. However, when db legends download in all versions, you will find that all parts have become available on all Windows systems, as the size of the series’ games is light and does not require a large space on the device. It can be downloaded on devices with weak capabilities.

dragon z legends

When talking about the game modes that you can play in by obtaining all parts of the dbz legends game, which we provide in each of them in its original version, you will find that you can play in the individual mode so that you face the artificial intelligence, and you can also play in the group mode so that it is player versus player. Player and this is done online, which is better than the single-player mode and is preferred by many.

One of the wonderful things that you will find when downloading the dbz legends game in all versions is that it depends on the level system. In addition to the presence of different difficulty levels, such as the easy and medium level, and so on, you find within each level a number of graduated levels, where the playing field varies and becomes more difficult, as the enemy becomes... Advanced levels are more powerful.

The graphics that you find in the parts of the db legends download series of games are very wonderful and make you feel that you are inside real battles and fighting, as the characters are designed with the utmost precision, and the matter is not limited to the characters only, as the playing fields in which the hero fights also have a very wonderful design, and it is worth Note that most versions use 3D graphics.

dragon ball legends

Story: The idea of the game revolves entirely around fighting, as here you assume the role of a hero called Son Goku. This boy was born on a virtual planet called Planet Saiyans, and everyone on this planet is characterized by supernatural abilities that differ from the abilities of humans on planet Earth, and after the arrival of this child To Earth he was adopted by Son Gohan.

This man discovered that Son Goku possesses supernatural skills, and here this man begins to train him to exploit these skills properly. At this time, villains from other planets attack Earth, and what is required of the hero is to confront them and prevent them from destroying the Earth. No one on earth can do this except you.

Playing arenas: db legends download for Android, the game is played in very many battlefields, as there are approximately 170 different arenas divided into all versions, and it is worth noting that these arenas differ from each other very significantly, as there are arenas that are green areas. The courtyards may be vast and may be in areas with mountains and similar heights, or they may be areas that resemble space.

How to play: The match in any version of db legends download takes place in three rounds, where the victory in the end is for the one who can win in only two rounds. However, when the energy of one of the parties runs out, the victory is counted for the other party, and the match time may end before one of the parties wins, and here it takes place. Add another round in which the winner is the one who wins the entire match.

Customizing the match: One of the wonderful features that you find when downloading the dragon ball legends from Mediafire is the ability to customize the match, as in this feature you can specify the number of rounds within the match, and you can also specify the playing field in which you are playing, and it comes to Possibility to choose the difficulty level from easy, difficult, and medium.

download dbz legends game for Android

Enemies: We cannot talk about db legends download and forget to mention the enemy characters, as here you meet enemies of a special type. The enemies are human, but they have tails and they are very strong. It is worth noting that these tails transform when the moon is full into huge gorillas that can kill you. You must know that all of these characters are taken from the anime series.

Weapons: Weapons in downloading the dbz legends game in a small size are a very special element, as here you do not have traditional weapons like those you have in other adventure games. Here the weapons are of a special type to suit the hero’s skills and also suit the enemies he faces. Here you have balls. of energy and each of them has a specific ability that you can learn about after downloading the game.

Abilities: When talking about the heroes’ abilities, we find that they are equal in strength, and there are some abilities that distinguish all heroes without exception, as all heroes can run, jump, fly, and similar abilities, but the movements that each character can perform differ, and this does not mean It never affects the player's level because you are the one who employs these movements appropriately.

dbz legends game

Characters: There is a large group of heroes from the same heroes present in the db legends download movie. After downloading the original compressed dbz legends game, you choose the character that suits you, and here you find that the character performs a review paragraph that shows you the movements that he can perform that distinguish him from other characters. Characters, and each character has a distinctive appearance.

Effects: The effects of the series are very wonderful, whether on the audio, visual or kinetic level, as on the visual level you can hear the sounds of combat and you can hear the voices of the characters speaking as if they were in reality, and on the visual level, here you find the game using precise colors in designing the elements. As for the motor level, this is characterized by extreme accuracy in the movement of the characters, which appear as if they are realistic.

Advantages of db legends download for Android

  1. The variety of playing fields is very large.
  2. All versions of the game are available on Android devices in a suitable size.
  3. The ability to choose which character to play as, as well as determine the time of the match.
  4. Large number of enemies.
  5. Weapons with a distinctive character and extraordinary power.

Pictures about the game

dragon ball legends - dbz legends

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