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among us for pc download from MediaFire for free is the most popular thing nowadays and since the beginning of its appearance, as the game Among Us is the latest version of the most powerful and beautiful games for action adventures, so it falls under the category of action games, and the matter is not limited to this, as it combines Action games and thinking games can, to some extent, be considered puzzle games, and it is worth noting that they have been evaluated as suitable for all ages under seven years of age.

among us for pc download, you will develop your mental and intellectual abilities, because the missions that you will undertake in the Among Us game are not traditional tasks, but rather require deep thinking and then begin carrying out combat missions, whether you are the criminal or one of the individuals who wants to discover... The criminal, after employing the mind, must employ muscle strength and weapons. It is truly an enjoyable game.

among us for pc download

among us for pc download - free download among us for pc

among us for pc download

free download among us for pc, which we present in its original version, is an action combat game that was first launched on the market in 2018 to become the most powerful space game in the world of adventures. It was launched by Inner SLOTCH LLC, which gained wide fame in the world of video games after the success of this version in the latest Its first release, Among Us Online, is a strategic game. It received a rating of four out of ten, and this rating is evidence of its great success.

If you want among us for pc download without an emulator on your device, this device must be running one of the operating systems that the game supports, and it is worth noting that it supports many operating systems, so you can download it on Android versions, and you can also download it on versions of Android. Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, and it also supports iOS. This is in addition to the availability of a version of Among Us that supports PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as it is available to the largest category of device owners.

After downloading the game Among Us from MediaFire, you can enjoy the group and individual play modes, where playing in the individual mode is within a team but with artificial intelligence players, while in the group mode it is also within a team but with real-world players, and playing within a team is considered one of the most beautiful... Its advantages are that you can have a lot of fun, especially in group mode, as it supports playing in a group of up to 15 players in one team.

You will have the ability to choose between two different roles. You can play the role of the criminal hero who infiltrated the ship and began carrying out his tasks without anyone noticing him. On the other hand, you can play the role of the hero who searches for the criminal and tries to preserve the life of the ship and its crew. This This is unusual in traditional games, as we find that they all force you to play only one role.

free download among us for pc

Story: The idea of the story of Among Us revolves around a space ship that was on its way to complete some of the tasks assigned to it, but suddenly a malfunction occurred on the ship due to an unknown cause and an intruder infiltrated the ship and aimed to destroy it and the crew working on it so that he could see that there was no one to repair it. among us for pc download without an emulator on your device, you choose the character that you want to represent you while playing, and choose the style of play and the role that you play.

After determining all the previous things, the game begins, and you must determine your mission that you will perform before starting the game, as you, in the role of the criminal hero, plan the killing operations that you will carry out while no one sees you, and you also carry out continuous sabotage operations on the ship, but in the case of taking over... The role of the person searching for the criminal is that you must constantly try to repair the ship whenever the enemy manages to sabotage it. You also carry out the basic task of searching for the real criminal by setting traps and plotting tricks to trap him.

Tasks: The tasks after among us for pc download are divided into two types: tasks specific to the criminal hero and tasks specific to the good side. The tasks specific to the criminal hero are the assassination operations he carries out or the ship sabotage operations and others. As for the tasks of the hero specializing in the good side, they are In small tasks such as refilling the ship's fuel or calibrating the power distributor, and not only that, but in addition to these repair tasks, they must search for the criminal and try to protect the rest of the crew members.

Game maps: Within the game Among Us online, which is considered the strongest among its counterparts, there are about four different maps. Each map has a specific number of locations and a specific number of missions. There is, for example, the Airship map, which is the largest map consisting of 20 locations and missions of up to 20. 23 missions, and there is a map that includes 14 locations and 17 missions, known as skeld. There is a map of MIRA HQ, and this contains 14 locations and 19 missions. We come to the last map, which includes 14 locations and 24 missions, which is the Polus map.

Details inside among us for pc

Playing environment: The playing environment that you find after among us for pc download from Mediafire is in space, where the game is inside a large spaceship on its journey to complete some tasks, and the playing environment changes from one level to the next level, where the ship is sometimes between planets, Sometimes the game takes place on a strange planet, and this diversity of playing environments adds realism to Among Us and breaks the player’s boredom barrier.

Graphics: When talking about the graphics within the game Safeguards, we are happy to tell you that the three-dimensional accuracy that was used in the design of all the elements included in the game exceeded the limits, as you can notice this accuracy in the design of the character of the hero and all the other people on the ship, and it is not limited to that. On the characters, precision also appears in the design of the playing field and ship elements. Everything after among us for pc download with the Internet has a great deal of realism.

Controls: From the first moment of playing, you can fully control the character of your own hero, whether he is the criminal or a loyal crew member. This control begins from the beginning of choosing the hero, and in this context, you are available to choose from among 18 different colors of characters, and this does not affect the strength of the character. Personality, and for more control after among us for pc download, the hero cannot make any movement, even a small one, unless he receives a signal from you, and in this regard, the response has become very fast compared to the time of releasing the first version.

Methods: among us for pc download through our website, which provides many light games with a direct link, and you assume the role of the criminal hero, there will be a method that is considered one of the helpful factors that enable you to frame one of the other crew members while you are the real criminal. This mission, if successful In performing it, you can get rid of the crew members one by one without anyone noticing you, and there is a feature that enables you to hold an emergency meeting between you and the rest of the crew members after the presence of any of the bodies of the other members to investigate and search for the criminal.

Advantages of free download among us for pc

  1. Multiple levels and tasks, varying in difficulty.
  2. Among Us game features an easy and simple user interface for different age groups.
  3. It has a relatively small size that makes it light on the device and does not affect its operation.
  4. High resolution graphics and design.
  5. There are wonderful effects on the audio and visual levels.
  6. Supports many operating systems.
  7. There is more than one map inside it.
  8. It is available to free download among us for pc from Mediafire without an emulator for free.
  9. Possibility of playing different roles.

Pictures about the game

free download among us for pc
download among us for pc
download among us on pc

Operating requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  2. Wizard: SSE2 instruction set support
  3. RAM: 1GB
  4. Free space: 250 MB
  5. Game version: V2021.11.9.2S Online

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